The Top 10 Coolest Offices in the World – Cool Office Design

Our definitive guide to the top 10 coolest offices in the world. A collection of some of the finest cool office designs  on the planet and the best in office design in the world today. For more information on each project click on the picture or the link above it.

1. Google, Zurich, Switzerland

It’s a few years old now…but it’s still smoking hot cool. To read more about Google Zurich, click here.

2. Ogilvy and Mather, China

Trust an advertising company to flex their creative muscle and show off in their cool office design. To learn more about the Ogilvy and Mather China office, click here:

3. Yandex, St. Petersberg, Russia

The Russians are throwing off the shackles of communism and really expressing themselves, to read more about Yandex, click here:

4. Vodafone, Portgual

This office fell from the sky and  squashed mediocrity! For more details and pictures of Vodafone Portugal, click here:

5. Horizon Media, New York, USA

Horizon Media in New York certainly know how to make an impression in cool office design. For more pictures of Horizon Media, click here:


6. ANZ, Melbourne, Australia

One of two Australian banks in our top ten albeit located on opposite sides of the world. Read more about ANZ Melbourne here:

7. Red Bull, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Red Bull had to make it into our top ten somehow. Their crazy London office moved – but fortunately someone was on drugs in Amsterdam and we get this seriously cool office design to enjoy, see more pics of Red Bull, Amsterdam here: 

8. Skype, Stockholm, Sweden

Genius. Crazy Swedish Genius! See more pictures of Skype Stockholm here:

9. Macquarie Bank, London, UK

We love this office in London, wonderful central stairs between floors, to read more and see more pictures of Macquarie, click here:

10. Saatchi & Saatchi, Bangkok, Thailand

Another Advertising firm, flexing their creative muscle. To see more of Saatchi in Thailand click here: