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Design and Build

A traditional office interior design and build involves managing numerous team members all of whom have their own take on things and rarely consider each other when making decisions. We all recognise the architect intent on building the no-expense-spared legacy, with scant regard to costs or your real needs; or what about the cynical builder who changes things as he goes along, or points the finger at the designer if there’s a problem on site? You dont need that.

Our designers work literally alongside our project managers – changes are communicated instantaneously and usually at no extra cost. They build offices together all the time and have a great rappour and understanding. There’s no one to blame because we take care of everything.

We do everything form initial workplace appraisals through to design, fit out and beyond. One point of contact. Everything taken care of. One budget. And because it’s under one roof, changes happen so fast that we can overlap functions. This means we can fast track nearly 40% faster than traditional methods and save you money too.

Because we can design and build your project you have additional advantages over a traditional disjointed design and tendering approach:

Advantages of using Business Interiors to Design and Build your Office

  1. Speed – Our project managers work literally right next to our designers. Design and costs are prepared in parallel. Changes, co-ordination and cost options are far more efficient.
  2. Responsibility – At Business Interiors we are responsible for everything, there is no one else to blame. We all pull in the same direction to exceed your expectations.
  3. Flexibility and Change – Change is inevitable. As a design and build company we can soak up design changes and translate them on site quickly and efficiently.
  4. Cost Control – One of the main advantages of design and build is the predictability of costs. Our designs are fully costed in detail, not loose budgets prepared by a consultant.
  5. Quality – We are keen to show materials, products and finishes as soon as possible. This way quality issues are agreed long before work commences on site.

Featured Case Study

Oxford Capital asked Business Interiors to come up with a design that reflected their values. Positioning words included Welcoming, Passionate, Clear, Energetic, Outgoing, Smart.