Modern Office Design – The World’s Best Office Interiors – No.4 Vodafone, Portugal

Porto is not just home to a vaguely famous football team (courtesy of Mr. Jose Mourinho to the UK at least) and its popular export of fortified wine or “Port”. It is also home to the most insanely cool office building for Vodafone thanks to a truly modern office design. The super modern building was designed by Architects Barbosa Guimaraes and is completely mad, and utterly compelling. Three floors are actually underground, the Architects took the Vodafone strap line “Life in Motion” and literally drew inspiration from imagining a “normal structure” had fallen out of the sky and slammed into the earth, uneven, & disheveled. The unpredictable lines and angular spaces look like a squashed origami project, very challenging to the eye but very pleasing at the same time. Mad and brilliant all at once. Prepare to see many angular and triangular lines in office designs of the future. Curves and perpendicular angles just became so last decade.