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Workplace Consultancy

Our workplace interior designers are able to meet your team to understand your business objectives, your current working practices with future wants and wishes, company values, cultural issues and aspirations, brand messaging, environmental considerations, HR issues, budgetary constraints and timescales.

By understanding your needs thoroughly we can help advise on how best to align your facilities and workplace strategy with your company objectives for improved business performance.

Workplace Appraisal

Workplace appraisal is one of the most important things you can undertake before considering any workplace strategy. It may be you don’t need to move at all or we can see a really creative way of making your refurbishment making an enormous impact. Either way, approaching your project with a thorough understanding of current and future needs will be of real benefit – saving you an enormous amount of money.

We will present a report that highlights some of the challenges facing your current workspace, and show you how your office compares with your competitors and benchmarks from other companies in your field. We can present options, budgets for considering changes, and demonstrate what sort of benefit an investment can yield to your business.

Featured Case Study

When Marine Capital decided to relocate  to larger premises in Mayfair London, they wanted an office that reflected their values, was a pleasant place to work in to attract and retain the best talent, and reflected their business in a modern contemporary way without being stuffy or traditional. It was made clear that the “tanker model” cliche of the shipping company office, was not welcome in this office!