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Space planning is one of the key measures of workplace performance, and the easiest to measure of all. With office space your second largest overhead after wages, just imagine how much 10% inefficiency in your office space planning is costing your business. Consider the cost of running out of space or not being able to adapt to change. Business space planning is an extremely important part of your property strategy.  A recent government report suggested a figure of £3 billion a year could be saved in the public sector alone from more efficient use of space. And it’s easy to see how:


Consider how much money you can save annually, with flexible working and efficient space planning.

We saved the British Red Cross in London a small fortune, when they had outgrown their space. We showed how they could improve efficiency by nearly 40% through better space planning using new system office furniture , further to a workplace appraisal, negating the need to move and take extra office space altogether – saving them millions over the lifetime of their new lease, and creating a great new environment into the bargain. Seriously impacting their business positively.

Apart from the financial savings, there’s the legal requirements, accommodation standards, staff welfare, telecoms. Fortunately, Business Interiors have been assisting businesses for many years – here are some of the things to consider:

  1. Legal Requirements: There’s quite a few, as you might imagine in modern Britain: the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA – now replaced by the Equality Act of 2010), Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations, Building Regulations – Part B Fire Safety Volume 2; Part M Access to and use of Buildings; Part E (Resistance to sound), The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order and plenty of government guidelines not set in legal stone. Dont worry, our design experts know all about them and can help remove the headaches.
  2. Space Planning Standards and Industry Norms – We’ve worked other companies in your industry, we’ve implemented new ways of working, we know the best ratios of meeting to workspace, hot-desking, quiet space, coffee culture…all these things can have a dramatic affect on your office. A creative agency, has a very different approach to a firm of solicitors. We’d love to share our knowledge with you and show you around some of our recently completed projects.
  3. Flexibility and Growth –  A well designed space will be able to react to your changing business, quickly, effectively and cheaply. We know exactly what works, and we’ve seen the “good ideas” that don’t work in practice (see our knowledge article on “good ideas that don’t work”!). We know plenty of great ideas to save you money and keep it simple.

Featured Case Study

Established in 1912, Paragon Laundry wished to consolidate their UK success with a new customer service centre at their Cheltenham headquarters.