Creative Office Design – The World’s Best Office Interiors – No.2 Ogilvy & Mather, China

Ogilvy & Mather’s Guangzhou office in China is crazy wonderful. Yet another  creative advertising agency in the world top 10. Advertising companies have long known that in order attract and retain top talent, they have to provide the most amazing creative office design – and when it comes to communicating their own creative brand to employees and clients alike, their office is the cultural hub and brand projection of the company. This office won Forbes China most successful design award, the first office interior to ever have won the award. It’s fun, inspiring, unusual, and just works beautifully – we love the fairground theme, appealing to childlike wonder and play, but the office is still serious and grown up. A “carnival of ideas” the office aims to inspire creativity in its present and future employees. A director has been quoted as saying that the workplace as “a strategic tool for achieving business goals” is gaining traction in China, we’re still looking forward to it being adopted to this extent in the UK.

Pictures courtesy of the cool hunter