Inspiring Office Design – The World’s Best Office Interiors – No. 6 ANZ, Melbourne

The ANZ office building in Melbourne is absolutely incredible in a number of ways. First of all it is amazing that a very large bank, the most corporate of corporates, could get its office space so right. Usually we have to rely on the creative industries to prove vision and commitment and  to go out on a limb with inspiring office design, but here we have a large bank showing the way spectacularly. Also this isn’t a one-off internal  maverick having some fun with a satellite office, this is the headquarters, with over 130,000 square metres of office space and 6,500 employees making the “drudge” into this amazing office space every day – this place is a small town at full tilt. For the powers that be to deliver this inspiring office space for the benefit of employees and ultimately clients, in better product and services delivered by those happy employees, is a real inspiration to us all and gives us hope that one day maybe everyone will “get it”. Over half the space (55%) is given over to collaborative, team and touchdown working than dedicated individual task-work, it truly is an office that embraces the latest thinking in office design and delivers on every level. For 6,500 people, their working lives have been positively transformed by this wonderful office interior.

Images courtesy of the cool hunter