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Balfour Beatty

Working with the Balfour Beatty Workplace team, alongside their interior designers, resulted in one of the more outstanding Bristol office designs.

In addition to the inspiring, practical and ergonomic workplace – all activities were strictly audited for environmental impact. The feedback from staff and visitors has been exceptional and has established a new Balfour Beatty Workplace standard, with a UK rollout in progress.

A particular thing that marks out Balfour for us is that they didn’t compromise on chairs. When the budget was under pressure they could have easily made concessions here, instead they insisted on having the most ergonomic chair solutions possible with flexible backs to avoid backache. It has resulted in a very comfortable, as well as funky, workspace.

Office Design Bristol: The bright colours, make for a pleasant working environment, and they tie in with the shadow people, the accent walls, the furniture and swathes of colour cut out of the carpet to all come together in a coherent solution.


The new office has been very well received and will form the basis of a UK roll out - Steve Smith






Office Furniture and Design


June 25, 2015