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Office Relocation

Relocating office is a fantastic opportunity to make a big positive impact on your business. We love making our internal contacts look great – when your staff move in and love their new space, it’s not really us that gets the credit, it’s the internal champion we were working with, and we like it that way. The business flourishes, the move is a big moral boost, everyone’s happy. You’re a legend. Get it wrong in even the smallest way and your business can be disrupted, an office move deadline cannot be negotiable – if your employees can’t work for even one hour, how much does that cost? If your workspace has not been designed for the “future unexpected”, what happens in six months time when you take on a few more staff?

This is why it pays to work with the experts. You’ve got your day job, chances are you don’t move office every day, like we do. We’ve seen companies make all the mistakes and we know plenty of clever ideas to consider for your space.

Even if you’re an in house office expert, it always makes sense to get a third party perspective. Before considering an office relocation perhaps think about undertaking a workplace appraisal – our thinking may either reinforce your thinking internally or throw up some new perspectives. Maybe you could stay and refurbish, are you sure you are considering all the possibilities for your workspace? We’ve always surprised potential clients with our insights so get another perspective and get in touch with us.

Office Relocation Timeline

Workplace Appraisal

Do you need to move? First of all understand your needs and options. How much space do you require? How much will you need in the future. Set yourself up for 5, 10, 15 years. How much will it cost? We can help answer all the questions for the solid foundations of a great office relocation.

Block & Space Planning

Once your short list has been made, we can start space planning your offices, consider adjacencies, numbers of meeting rooms, flexible working, smart working, future expansion. We’ll take into account everything.

Interior & Graphic Design

Once you have found your space and ascertained you fit beautifully, it’s time to consider the look and feel, with finishes and product such as office furniture. This is all about your culture and brand – and is key to creating an inspiring and “on brand” solution to communicate your values. This is where you put clear water between you and your competitors, attracting and retaining key talent and giving the right impression to your clients and shareholders. It’s also the fun bit…

Tender & Evaluation

Once the design is finalised, it’s time to get the pricing. We can run the whole process, getting pricing from all the best suppliers in the industry – leveraging our buying power to your advantage with a competitive bid. There are many companies that want your business, managing all those potential suppliers is a recipe for a major headache, you have your day job, leave it to us.

Project & Move Management

Once the right product mix has been decided, it’s time to manage everyone involved. We provide one point of contact, delivering on time and on budget. A full turn-key solution. Time to lap up the plaudits of a job well done and be amazed at the positive affect on the business.

Featured Case Study

Once we suggested covering a large wall in the breakout space with a huge magnetic map (from which to plot world domination, James Bond style, over a coffee) the mydestination founders sensed that we were the right people to work with on their new office design london!