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An international information technology firm (who wished to remain “anonymous”) went through global rebranding exercise. They asked Business Interiors to imagine a concept that enhanced the creative corporate culture through internal branding and communication reflecting their new brand and values. Our concept drew from inspirational inventors and inventions from the past to encourage employees to greater heights. Using royalty free patents, we not only saved the client money, but at the same time drew on the great inventions throughout history to inspire and provide surprising imagery throughout the office. The inventors themselves provided the quotes, encouraging employees to think outside of the box and dare to fail. Covering nearly all the naked existing vertical surfaces of glass and white walls, we completely transformed the office, including magnetic whitewalls throughout. The 30,000 sq/ft office transformation was undertaken, remarkably, ¬†by a large team of 16 over a single weekend, working 24/7. Come Monday morning the “overnight” ¬†transformation had maximum impact, and was extremely well received.




Graphic Design & Fit Out


November 22, 2016