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Graphic Design

Graphic design? Isn’t that for the brochures? You’d be surprised how little this is considered in office design but we think it is perhaps one of the most important things to consider (sharp intake of breath!). Graphic Design is often referred to as “Visual Communication or Communication design”…and like it or not, your office is talking to your employees and your clients loud and clear…and its shouting louder than any website or corporate brochure.

Every surface is an opportunity to communicate, if you would describe your company as innovative, creative, open, fun, engaging, “our people are our greatest asset” etc… then you wouldn’t expect the office to be a rabbit warren of cubicles, closed offices and cheap furniture (we view blue tub chairs in a reception the same way Jeremy Clarkson might view a caravan on a road) – but my goodness, you’d be surprised how many offices we see that are spectacularly mundane. People really shouldn’t have to work in these spaces for most of their lives.

If you’re moving office, it’s likely you have to paint walls, put down carpet, buy furniture…so good design isn’t about the budget, it’s about using it well. How about some accent walls?  Cut some interest interesting shapes or contrasting colours into your flooring. Simple stickers can transform your glazing or even storage wall into a brand message surface and basically…just make your office a much nicer place to be, and a workplace to feel proud of.  For more information read our whitepaper on brand and cultural communication and how the workplace can foster innovation.

We are currently re-designing this page to bring you plenty of inspiring examples of glass manifestation, digital wallpaper and all manner of cool graphic design for the office. For the time being, why not visit our pinterest board – where we have pinned some of the most inspiring vertical designs we can find. We have our own graphic designers that can take your brief, undertsand your brand and culture and breathe it into your office. Just get in touch and we’ll show you how.

Featured Case Study

We transformed the London headquarters of this international IT firm, by designing unique digital wallpaper and glass manifestation throughout to communicate the new brand and company culture through an inspiring workplace.