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We value our suppliers very highly, we are only as good as the people we work with – we strive to be the best, so we work with the best and deliberately choose to work with the top 10% in their field.

Because of the large number of calls we get every day – we have established this page to help you through the process and let you understand some of our criteria.

  1. Firstly,  we only use sub-contractors and suppliers who are recommended by an existing employee, supplier or sub-contractor. These references are key to ensuring the confidence in our promises we make to our customers, on the foundation of our supplier partners. Therefore, we will only consider approaches attached with a respected third-party reference.
  2. Don’t cold call. We know how hard it is, we’re contacting businesses daily pitching our business so we do understand! However, our designers are designing, our builders are building. Each time they get disturbed it costs us in time. We already have great established suppliers and partners that have a direct line to us – so please follow our procedure and we’re much more likely to consider you favourably.
  3. Don’t send brochures. First of all printing and sending brochures is very environmentally unfriendly, which doesn’t impress us at all. Secondly, our library is electronic – making it quick and easy to find the information we want – not like paper. A paper library takes up space, never gets seen and is frequently out of date. Also we hate opening up junk post and filling up bins. Electronic only please, with links to your high-resolution photo directories.
  4. Don’t just pop in. Impromptu meetings disturb us more than phone calls. Face to face meetings last even longer than a quick phone call – so we limit them even with established partners. If we are in the office, rather than on site or with clients, we are  busier than ever.

How to engage with Business Interiors

We do want to hear from you! But help us to engage with you. We are currently building a web form to make it even easier for you to engage with us, however for now please follow these steps:

  1. If you are a regional or national company, in the first instance email  the particular office you are interested in working with or use the national email. They can be found in our contact section.
  2. Do include:
    1. An e-brochure or a link to your website, clearly indicating your chosen area of work.
    2. A third-party reference from an employee, an existing supplier or sub-contractor. Respected industry references are just as good.
    3. A brief summary of your unique selling point – why we should work with you over our established suppliers.
    4. Details of any previous work with us, or an outstanding reference case study or two.
    5. The green credentials of your product or service.
  3. That’s it! We can assure you that the person to whom the information is most relevant will see your details and you will be considered. If there is no opportunity immediately, your email should be crafted well enough to come up in a search on our database – for when we are looking for alternative suppliers.

We do endeavour to get back to everyone who contacts us, however, due to volume this may not be possible. Also consider more imaginative ways of getting our attention: follow us on twitter, like us on facebook, share our news and articles, link to our website. We do notice and appreciate these little touches.