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Every company has to show good practice by tendering their project. It’s virtually standard to get at least three quotes. But how best to go about it? There are literally thousands of suppliers and your perfect project is going to involve an almost endless combination of them – and then they’ve got to be managed, and you may have never heard of any them or worked with any of them before. That’s where we can help.

Working alongside you we can be your workplace tender consultants. We know all the tricks and even if your team have a very experienced procurement team, architects or facilities professionals, it’s worth having a chat with us to see how we can add value. We know where, we know who and we know how to get best value. After 20 years we’ve seen what the most savvy companies, the biggest and best companies use, what they pay and why. That knowledge could go a long way when it comes to your project.

Featured Case Study

Once we suggested covering a large wall in the breakout space with a huge magnetic map (from which to plot world domination, James Bond style, over a coffee) the mydestination founders sensed that we were the right people to work with on their new office design london!