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Business Interiors began life decades ago in the beautiful South West of England, by people who had served their time in the big city and chose to live and work in one of the world’s most naturally beautiful places. Now when we return to our cities, we bring our culture and values with us, in our designs, in the products and partners we use, in how we operate as a business – respect for the environment is in our DNA, valuing quality of life and environment above all else.

We consider issues such as recycling, sustainability and energy efficiency, not only by responding to increasingly demanding legislation but setting standards with a pro-active approach to sustainable business practices. We undertake to make a significant commitment to the protection and enhancement of the environment within which we operate. We will always take the opportunity to make a real and positive impact in our day to day work lives and those of our clients and their employees.

Our Environmental Policy

Business Interiors specialises in the design, fit out and furnishing of offices throughout the UK. It is the policy of Business Interiors to develop, operate and maintain our operations with due regard to the environment. We will comply with all applicable legal and other requirements, and will continue to embrace and improve our environmental management.

We will strive to continually improve our environmental performance and meet the following objectives:

  1. Enhance the working environment for our staff and clients.
  2. Be a good neighbour and minimise noise pollution.
  3. Identify and eliminate the threat of any contamination to the environment.
  4. Where a pollution threat cannot be eliminated, monitor and control the situation.
  5. Minimise the use of utilities and materials, promoting the use of recycled materials
  6. Minimise waste and ensure materials are reused or recycled where practicable.
  7. Utilise sustainable materials and technologies where possible.
  8. Encourage designers and clients to build more sustainable solutions.
  9. Include selection criteria for our suppliers based on environmental performance.
  10. To work towards and maintain an environmental management system within the international standard ISO 14001.

Featured Case Study

Designed by Norman Foster, Hearst Tower was the first “green” high rise office building completed in New York City. It has a number of environmental considerations built into the plan: the floor of the atrium is paved with heat conductive limestone; polyethylene tubing is embedded under the floor and filled with circulating water for cooling in the summer and heating in the winter.